Improving transport connectivity

As your MP I want to make sure I am being proactive in hearing about local transport needs for the future. From road to rail I want to hear your thoughts on what more needs to be done to improve transport across Warrington.

Recent events have seen significant change to our local transport needs, but I know people feel very strongly about the issue of congestion and how we balance economic and environmental needs. As we come out of lockdown, I want to make sure I can campaign for improvements to our local transport that reflect your concerns. 

I have been a longstanding advocate for addressing traffic hotspots and improving our road surfaces and rail infrastructure. Warrington has a long-standing issue with the swing bridges in the town centre causing huge irritation and having a knock-on effect on the local economy, so I’ll be lobbying make sure funding is spent in the right places.

I also want to ensure Warrington feels the benefits from better East to West connectivity through schemes like Northern Powerhouse Rail. It takes far too long currently to get to Manchester and Leeds, and this poor connectivity puts businesses off from investing in our region. It is our infrastructure that has stifled a lack of collaboration between Northern towns and cities as well as the underuse of innovation and technology. We need to give businesses the confidence to hire between cities, and people the confidence to travel further than their hometowns.  

Whilst I have been clear that we need to bring better infrastructure to our area, we do so on the premise that there will be benefits for local residents. The HS2 Goldborne spur unfortunately gives Warrington a lot of pain for very little gain, and I will therefore seek for it to be removed as an option as part of the Integrated Rail Plan. 


£3.5m for Warrington Bank Quay Station

A giant crane will be used to upgrade bridges around Warrington Bank Quay station this Easter to make future rail journeys more reliable for passengers and freight.

Andy welcomes new pothole funding for Warrington

Councils across England have been allocated their share of £500 million for highways maintenance, with the funding expected to fix the equivalent of 10 million potholes across the country. Warrington Borough Council will receive just short of £5.5m in funding in phases between now and 2022.

£8m support for Manchester and Liverpool Airports

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced that airports across the country are now able to apply for a Government grant worth up to £8 million, helping to protect jobs and the local economy in Warrington South.