Protecting Warrington’s Green Belt, building new homes in the right places

Protecting Warrington’s Green Belt, building new homes in the right places.

Hardworking people deserve the opportunity to own their own home, but too many first-time buyers here in Warrington South have been forced out of buying due to rising prices. This is why I really welcome the First Homes scheme, it will be life changing for people across Warrington who are looking to buy their first home.

But whilst building new affordable homes, we also need to protect and enhance the Green spaces. We need to improve poor quality land, increase biodiversity and make our beautiful countryside more accessible for local community use. In order to safeguard our green spaces, I will continue to take a “brownfield first” approach to development.

Fiddlers Ferry Power station is currently being decommissioned and will be crying out for redevelopment once complete. This site would offer thousands of square footage of brownfield land for residential and employment space and massively regenerate the area which is close to good transport links.

The Council currently hasn’t included it in their draft Local Plan, but together with residents we can force the council to look again and put an end to inappropriate developments like the Stobart Scheme at Appleton Thorn.


Out and about in Grappenhall

Lovely morning out in Warrington supporting our 2020 Warrington Borough Council candidates in Grappenhall. A few interesting Brexit conversations today and quite a lot of frustration! Also talking about greenbelt and our plans for the NHS.