Guide to 2020 Exam Results

This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, exams have been cancelled. In their place, a set of rigorous grade calculation methods will ensure that post-16 students can progress further with their education and employment.

Further to the video above, you can use the navigation bar on the left hand side of this page or the contents section below to find out more about the process. 

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  1. The Appeals Process for GCSE, AS and A level
  2. Appeals and Complaints for Vocational & Technical Qualifications

  3. Grading for GCSE, AS and A level

  4. What to Expect on Results Day

  5. What to Do if You’re Unhappy with Your Results

  6. Vocational & Technical Qualifications

  7. Want to improve your grade?

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

  9. Helplines