Facebook Live

Very many of you have been in touch with questions surrounding the current COVID-19 crisis, until recently I have been receiving hundreds of emails a day with many covering the same topics. 

To make it easier for you to get support in these unprecedented times, I am holding regular live video Q&A sessions. 

For ease of technology, I have been running these as Facebook Live streams. This allows people to email questions in advance, which I answer at the start, or write and post questions at real time in the Facebook stream during the event. 

Catchup on Q&A sessions:

If you weren't able to follow the latest Q&A sessions, you can follow the links below to catch up

WATCH - Monday 3rd April Q&A I 

WATCH - Saturday 9th April Q&A II  

WATCH - Thursday 30th April Q&A III

WATCH IV - Friday 15th May Q&A IV

Next Session - TBD 

We will publicised these via an email newsletter or via Facebook and the local Facebook groups.

If you want to submit a question for next time, you can email me at andy.carter.mp@parliament.uk or simply comment on the stream itself.