Survey: Your views on the BBC

The broadcasting sector is evolving rapidly, we all have much more choice about how, when and where we access content. For example, the number of people and the number of hours spent viewing broadcast TV fell significantly in 2022.

Last week the Government launched a review of the way the BBC is funded in the future. Things won’t change before the end of the current Charter period on 31 December 2027, but Ministers want to assess alternative models for funding public service media ahead of the next Charter. You can read more about then review here: BBC Funding Model Review: terms of reference - GOV.UK (

We are already seeing an increasing number of households choosing not to hold a TV licence. Many people argue enforcement by criminal sanctions under the current licence fee model is increasingly disproportionate, something I agree with.

So what’s your view on the BBC, is it worth the 43p a day we currently pay, do you still use its services like radio and online news, and how should it be funded in a future world if we decided to scrap the licence fee model? Please take a few minutes to share your views which will help me to gauge opinion locally.

Survey: Your views on the BBC

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1. Which BBC television services do you regularly watch?
CBBC / CBeebies
2. Do you access online for news and information?
3. Which BBC radio services do you listen to?
4. How should the BBC be funded in future?
7. Do you support the increase in the TV licence fee?
From April 2024 the TV licence fee will be increased by £10.50 from its current figure of £159 to £169.50